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The reports of the three RDA-related task groups formed last June are coming in this month.   The first of these, from the Task Group on AACR2 & RDA Acceptable Heading Categories, has now been posted and linked from .
There is good news: Less than 5% of the 7.6 million name authority records need to undergo a heading change as part of RDA implementation.  Of the 397 thousand NARs needing a change to the 1XX field in order to be used in RDA, 172 thousand can be changed by automated means.  Over 95% of the existing authority record 1XX fields can be used in RDA without modification.

The report takes a holistic approach, and many of its recommended actions are intertwined.  For the smoothest migration to RDA, the report recommends that we have a "Day 1" for authorities (the point after which all new additions to the authority file will reflect RDA).

The PCC Policy Committee endorses the task group's final report in principle, and we now welcome your comments, which may be used to further clarify the process of implementation.   Please share your thoughts over PCCLIST (or write to [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]> ) by October 21.


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