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Subject: Re: [PCCLIST] Report of the PCC Task Group on AACR2 & RDA Acceptable Heading Categories




The reports of the three RDA-related task groups formed last June are coming in this month.   The first of these, from the Task Group on AACR2 & RDA Acceptable Heading Categories, has now been posted and linked from .


Some thoughts on the report re: $c in current Personal name NARs:


The vast majority of $c in existing NARs for Mongolian personal names are clan names. Should this be something which should be noted in RDA as a category?


I have compiled a list of Mongolian and Tibetan religious titles (some were in the list appended to the report) which might come in handy at the point of evaluating existing NARs with religious titles in $c. I would be happy to share it.


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