PCCLIST readers:

A  NAR has two authors confused, and I'm in the process of differentiating them.  The existing record is "undifferentiated" but only in the sense that two people are represented on it.  Name: (008/32) is coded a.  The 670 fields are not formulated for an undifferentiated situation.

Would you put:

667  Formerly on undifferentiated record:

Or simply:

667  Formerly on:

I ask because of an automated process that makes use of the term undifferentiated in 667 fields.  I'd like that process to pick up on the record I create.  Otherwise, use of the term is strictly speaking incorrect.

I've included the existing record below.  The author of the titles in 670/2-3 (apparently an architect in Arizona) is not the one for which the record was originally created, but (sigh) I get to create a new record for the original person, not the interloper.

Thanks - Ian

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