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I have long wanted to get rid of undifferentiated authority records, but I am concerned that the  suggestion to make identical authority records won't work in the current ILS environment. So for practical reasons, I think we need to have a different string for normalization. 

 Stephen long ago suggested using  numbers... 1, 2, etc.  after each name. I suggested using the info in the 670 as a $c. RDA provides more options for $c. I think we should start doing something ASAP, but with guidelines for NACO participants, many of whom do not have access to RDA. I don't support using the same normalization string for different authority records. 

One of the reasons many of us are concerned about implementing RDA is that our current working environment is being ignored.

Mary Charles Lasater 

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I personally don't see why we need to wait for RDA to implement a new policy regarding undifferentiated personal names.  Simply change the policy to create a separate NAR for each different person.  If the access point on two personal name NARs is identical, code the 008/32 on both "b". 
NACO normalization rules would need to be changed to allow two NARs to have the same 100 field.

One of the beauties of the suggestion to establish separate name authorities for persons with the same access point is that the separate authorities could then be linked to the proper bibliographic records (in Connexion, the control heading function could be used) and when the access point is changed to differentiate it from other NARs, the right headings in bib records would automatically get flipped in systems that used the link.  How this would work in many local ILSs is another question, but would probably be no less a problem than what we currently have when headings are pulled off of undifferentiated authority records.

Why wait to make this change in another 15 months or longer?


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