How about a stylesheet or some guidelines/recommendations for making finding aids easier to read on cell phone platforms (Android, iOS)? I would think that would be useful for at least some researchers who have gotten used to using mobile versions of OPACs.

Perhaps some institutions have done this already?


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We've discussed creating an EAD > EPUB stylesheet here at Yale, but haven't had time to pursue it.  I think that to do it well will require a re-imagination of how we lay out the <dsc>.  Tabular displays don't work that well in EPUB given the gamut of screen sizes that need to be accommodated.

Have a crack at it and share with the list when you're done.  This could be very exciting, and something I'd be happy to help with along the way.  Once you have something working put it up on Github so lots of us can hack on it..


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> I was thinking about writing a style sheet or two to convert EAD files to epub format (Kindles, Nooks, etc.).  Think there'd be any use for that?   I'm guessing probably not, since finding aids are mostly things people don't download to read in their free time, but on the off chance there's a lurking need/wish for it someplace, I thought I'd ask.
> Mostly I'm considering doing it just for the experience, so I may do it anyway (glutton for punishment that I am!).
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