It is also used within the ALTO schema.

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Subject: Re: [MODS] xlink namespace in MODS schema

It is also used by EAD and EAC-CPF, and so both of these schemas would
also need to be adjusted. I have copied the various committee chairs
that need to address this.

Daniel Pitti

On Oct 12, 2011, at 10:04 AM, Ray Denenberg, Library of Congress wrote:

>> From: Jens Østergaard Petersen
>> Your document validates with me as well, because the MODS schema
>> references the XLink schema at
>> <>.
>> My point was that the Library of Congress XLink schema does not
>> accord
>> with the W3C XLink schema in the naming of simpleLink/simpleAttrs, so
>> if you change the schemaLocation for the XLink schema in the MODS
>> schema and substitute it with a reference to the standard XLink
>> schema
>> at <>, your document becomes invalid.
> Ok, thanks, I see the problem now (no need to explore Oxygen, etc. any
> further).
> line 33 of the LC XLink schema says:
> <attributeGroup name="simpleLink">
> which corresponds to line 111 of the W3C XLink schema which says:
> <attributeGroup name="simpleAttrs">
> And so with the mismatch of names, "simpleLink" vs. "simpleAttrs",
> if you
> try to substitute the W3C schema reference in the MODS schema, the
> schema itself won't validate (I tried it) because the schema itself
> references "simpleLink".
> This is an easy problem to fix and the fix would be completely
> transparent.
> We could make the change in the LC XLink schema, and change the
> references
> in the MODS schema, and there would be no need for any changes to MODS
> instance.
> Well, It isn't quite that simple. (But almost.) The LC XLink schema
> is used
> not only by MODS, but also by METS. So unless we coordinated this
> change
> with the METS folks, we would also need to have separate XLink
> schemas (a
> "MODS XLink schema" and a "METS XLink schema") and change the
> reference in
> the MODS schema to point to the MODS XLink schema.   Also a trivial
> change.
> But I am not sure why this change is warranted.  What is the need to
> reference the w3c XLink schema rather than the LC schema?
> If there is a need to do this, we can make theses changes.
> --Ray