Hello Ray,

Thank you for answering so quickly.

It appears to be the case that my problem is connected to a possible bug in how Saxon validates; see


Sorry for the static! I think it is often the case that formulating a question on a mailing list leads to a more systematic investigation of possible answers - which then renders the question unnecessary ….



On Oct 6, 2011, at 3:18 PM, Ray Denenberg, Library of Congress wrote:

> Could you send me the XML file please.  --Ray
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>> Subject: [MODS] xlink namespace in MODS schema
>> Hello,
>> I am probably just missing something obvious, but how do I redefine the
>> MODS 3.4 schema to make use of @xlink:href valid?
>> Engine name: Saxon-EE
>> Severity: fatal
>> Description: The attributeGroup {simpleLink} is referenced, but has not
>> been declared
>> Best,
>> Jens=