Hello all,

We're currently building a digital library that will take in geo-rectified 
map images and I was wondering how people deal with the accompanying 
geospatial metadata? We were hoping to crosswalk ISO 19115 to MODS and I 
wonder if anyone has attempted this already?

We're using Fedora 3.4 as our underlying architecture, and we intend to have 
MODS and DC datastreams for the system to use for indexing/future federated 
access. We intend to also host the ISO 19115 datastream too, but we'd like 
to build our MODS files from this datastream as part of a workflow, rather 
than building MODS from scratch.

Has anyone crosswalked from ISO 19115 to MODS?

Kind regards,
Audrey Drohan,
UCD James Joyce Library,
University College Dublin,
Belfield, Dublin 4,