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Date: 2011/10/10
Subject: MODS vs. DC for IR metadata
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Dear Mrs. Dafermou,

We use MODS as our primary metadata schema for Academic Commons, the 
research repository of Columbia University.  We have a variety of formats 
in our repository: primarily articles and working papers in PDF at this 
point, but an increasing amount of video, presentation slides, images, and 

We find that MODS is excellent for the basic description of most of our 
content, although we are exploring the use of other schemas to provide 
additional functionality, particularly for datasets.

In my opinion, Dublin Core would not provide sufficient descriptive detail 
to support the faceted search-and-discovery layer that we have implemented 
over top of the repository.  MODS is also easier to map into MARC to feed 
back into the main library catalog if and where that is appropriate.

Please let me know if you have any other questions; I would be happy to 
answer them.



PS. Ms. Bountouri, please feel free to re-post this to the MODS list.

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