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No:                  11-05
Date:               October 21, 2011
Subject:           DTBM Software Revision 2.1.7

The NLS Materials Development Division (MDD) modifies the digital talking-book machine (DTBM) software from time to time to correct faults, improve usability, or to incorporate additional features.
On October 17, 2011, MDD will release version 2.1.7, which addresses some minor issues. New players manufactured after this date will contain the new software.  However, players currently at libraries should be updated before they are issued.
There are several significant enhancements to note:

 *   A new user guide and key describer message discusses the use of the "bookshelf feature."
 *   USB flash drives connected to the side AT port are no longer suspended between uses by default. This will mean that all conventional USB flash drives can be used to play books, albeit with a 30 percent reduction in available battery play time.
 *   Books on a multi-book cartridge are now ordered by alpha-numeric folder and filename.
Libraries can upgrade players to the latest software in the following manner:
1.      Obtain the latest software from the NLS website
2.      Extract (unzip) this file onto a cartridge or USB drive so that the "upgrade" directory appears in the root directory of the drive.
3.      Turn on the player.
4.      Insert the cartridge or USB drive containing the software.
5.      The player will announce, "Upgrading your player's software."
6.      Wait until the upgrade is complete and the player restarts (about 40 seconds), then remove the cartridge after the completion message is heard.
The upgrade will only occur if the player's version is older than the version of the software on the cartridge; reinserting the cartridge will not repeat the upgrade.
BARD users will be notified of the availability of the upgrade when they log in.
This software update, including the revised user guides, will be added to most new book cartridges in the fourth quarter of 2011. In this way patrons' players will be upgraded automatically when they receive a new book.
The following table describes the major changes made in this release.
Changes and Enhancements in this release (Version 2.1.7)

*         Sort books and directories alphabetically (for multi-book media) instead of file inode order
*         Change default USB suspend policy, for AT port, to prevent patron-owned drives from suspending by default (at the expense of higher power consumption/reduced battery life)
*         Updated English and Spanish user guides and Play/Stop key-describer message (additional information on Bookshelf and BARD)
*         Correct gender rendering of numbers in Spanish
*         Correct "prev page" behavior in Z39.86 books so that reading position moves to the beginning of the current page (unless less than five seconds have elapsed since a previous page move)
*         Correct "cartridge test" function so that an error is not given when testing APH-formatted cartridges
*         Correct page search, where pages in the DTB are not contiguous
*         Correct problem causing multi-cartridge DAISY 2.02 books to forget new cartridge position if forced to use one not in sequence (by pressing Play after wrong cartridge warning)
*         Correct error in finding the start of file in audio file (i.e. mp3) book when rewinding
*         Play a double beep as an indicator when navigating off the current cartridge in a multi-cartridge DAISY 2.02 book. (as is done with Z39.86 books)
*         Differentiate Z39.86 books with the same opf file name on a USB flash drive with multiple books
*         Correct problem causing segfaults when navigating DAISY 2.02 books
*         Go to beginning of book if Play/Stop is pressed when playing the second end-of-book message
*         Correct problem with CEA-format book in the root directory
*         Correct error causing a silent boot if mains power is connected while the boot/loader was shutting down due to empty battery signal from gas gauge
*         New "directive" tags in "options.xml":
*         USBsuspend        : (On, Off or Default) to explicitly direct USB suspend behavior
*         Recharge              : to initiate battery recharge.
*         New "configuration" tags in "options.xml":
*         Loop                                   : to endlessly loop the book (used when calibrating battery by charging then depleting battery)
*         currentBatteryCapacity      : to explicitly set the gas gauge "last measured discharge" value
*          Add "service level" debug command "batt LMD" to explicitly set the gas gauge "last measured discharge" value
*          Additional internal DTB resource tags recognized
*          Correct bug in "service level" mwrite function (end address counter overwritten)
*          Cancel forced recharge flag if waiting for recharge for more than 30 minutes (gave false impression that recharge was occurring)
*          Show gas gauge EMPTY signal in service level 3 "batt hw" command
*          Restore volume to correct level if "Stop" is pressed while the volume is being lowered during the fade-out at the termination of the sleep period.