Hello Ben and everyone:


As announced in late August of this year, OCLC has expanded the
capabilities of OCLC participants with NACO authorizations.  Individuals
with NACO authorizations, along with those who have National Level
CONSER and National Level Enhance authorizations, which already include
NACO capabilities, are now able to edit and replace BIBCO records
(non-serial records with 042 code "pcc").  Those institutions that
currently have NACO authorizations can now use those authorizations to
Enhance, change, and/or correct non-serial records that have field 042
coded "pcc".  This capability has been expanded in order to maintain the
hallmark of the PCC brand, that every access point on a PCC record is
backed by a proper authority record.  To this end, you are reminded that
any corrected or added heading on a PCC record must continue to be
backed by a corresponding authority record.


Since MIT is a NACO library, using your NACO OCLC authorization, you
can, indeed, change this record.  


If anyone has any questions about this, please let me or my colleagues
at OCLC know.  



Cynthia M. Whitacre

Manager, WorldCat Quality & Partner Content Dept.


800-848-5878, ext. 6183

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Subject: [PCCLIST] Problems with DLC 2011023062


Hello pcc-list,


Regarding record (OCoLC)696099421/(DLC)  2011023062, The frontiers of
Europe (ISBN: 9780815705451).  What appears on the title page and what
appears in the record are slightly at odds.


It should be:


245:04: $a The frontiers of Europe / $c Federiga Bindi, Irina Angelescu,


instead of what now appears in the record (both on OCLC and LC  It looks like someone used the cover
as their chief source and not the t.p.  Curiously enough, the CIP on the
t.p. verso is closer to correct than the pcc record (though still off in
the statement of responsibility).


Also, I believe the imprint should read:


260:  : $a Washington, D.C. : $b Brookings Institution ; $a Rome : $b
Scuola superiore della pubblica amministrazione, $c c2011.


Since we are not a BIBCO library we need to rely on the kindness of
others to update the record in OCLC.  I have a scan of the t.p. and t.p.
verso, which I can email offlist to anyone who wants to see it  (the pcc
listserv won't distribute attachments.)







Benjamin Abrahamse

Cataloging Coordinator

Acquisitions, Metadata and Enterprise Systems

MIT Libraries