PCC Colleagues,


This message is being sent to alert you that the Cooperative Programs (CP) Section of the Cooperative and Instructional Programs Division (COIN) at the Library of Congress is undergoing some staffing changes.  The Section serves as the Secretariat for PCC, providing you with essential support.  The CP Section is entering a period of curtailed resources, due to staff being retrained to complete newly inherited assignments that are a result of CP staff retirements, and due to existing CP staff members being trained to catalog in accordance with RDA.  The CP Section is responsible for two cooperative cataloging programs, the Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) and National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections (NUCMC).  Since the new division, COIN, was formed in October 2008, the section has lost eight staff members responsible for PCC work.  All present staff members in the CP Section are steadily learning each other's assignments so COIN can provide better customer service.  As chief of the division responsible for supporting PCC, I want to assure you that service to the PCC members is upper most in our minds.  Even so, we will not initially be able to keep current with the workload. 


With the holiday season almost upon us and ALA Midwinter looming on the horizon, it is going to take COIN three to four months to regroup and get a smooth workflow going so that we can provide PCC members with the support they need.  COIN, in particular the CP Section, will do its utmost to keep current but we do ask you to be patient as we redistribute workloads and retrain staff.  If something is urgent, please feel free to contact us via the website. 




Judith P. Cannan

Chief, Cooperative and Instructional Programs Division  (COIN)

Library of Congress

(202) 707-2031  Fax: (202) 707-0810

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