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>Hopefully, some food for thought.

very satisfying food it is.  Thank you.

Your comments seem to me to be equally applicable to cataloguing rules as
to the coding system.

>   Cover all usage requirements
>   Form supports function: Minimize effort of the user
>   Flexibility: Openness for future requirements and new options

Later you address interfaces, but do not explicitly mention *display*,
a function well met by Avrom's orriginal MARC design (but ignored by recent
additions); and met by AACR2, but ignored by RDA.

>Elegance [the hardest part]
>   Appropriateness: As simple as possible, but not simpler (Einstein)
>   Pleasing appearance: Well-proportioned arrangement
>   Visionary design: Create something people can fall in love with

Again, a feature met by original MARC and AACR2, but ignored in recent
MARC development, and foreign to RDA.

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