Am 10.11.2011 09:41, schrieb Ivan Herman:
>>> ... However, I would be very pleased to provide
>>> feedback, whenever that is necessary, on specific, Semantic Web
>>> related technical questions concerning the intricacies of RDF,

Are these the tools or cornerstones of the Semantic Web, and nothing
else besides? There are some projects that have published library data
in RDF; do you know of promising applications based on these?

The goal of this Transition Initiative is, first and foremost, to
find a successor to the now 40 years old MARC bibliographic record
format. This format or its future successor is, however, nothing that
would have to be openly exposed on the web or used for communication
with end-users. Appropriate web services should be able to deliver
data in whatever form web applications may need it. Much in the way
of this might be done right now, if only the database engines were
open enough to allow for easy contruction of services; mostly, they
are proprietary commercial software packages.

Could you name a few functions for library data on the web which you
would give a high priority? A lot of functionality is conceivable, so
we could use ideas about priorities.

You are aware that we have millions of legacy data with all sorts
of limitations, and no way to get rid of these...