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Danish Agency for Libraries and Media (DALM) had welcomed Bibliographic
Framework Transition Initiative launched by Library of Congress just
after the launch in May 2011.

DALM is according to the Danish library act responsible for the Danish
cataloguing rules and the Danish danMARC2 format, and we are actually
examining the consequences of RDA.

We welcome the Bibliographic Framework Transition Initiative. This
initiative reflects a real need not only for MARC21, but for all MARC
formats. We hope the initiative will result in a new internationally
based bibliographic framework, which can be the "after MARC step" for
the bibliographic world.

DALM offered and offers to take part in the process and look forward to
be involved in the process.


We think that an international based process is very important. This can
be done by involvement of several partners from many countries on
voluntary basis in an open process. We hope that the process managed by
Library of Congress will be that.


But in any case a more formal standard body must be ISO and TC46
Information and Documentation / SC4 Technical Interoperability to
publish a future common international standard to replace the many
current MARC formats.


Best regards,

Leif Andresen 
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Danish Agency for Libraries and Media