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> I'm adding my "welcome" as well, Ivan.  Your perspective is key and your willingness to slog through the practices and terminology of the library domain is admirable!  From your perspective, I wonder if you could offer examples of how other professions have tackled the task of migrating information transfer mechanisms to a Semantic Web world.  That would be good background reading for us.

I think the best example is the Health Care and Life Science community. THey have many years of work in developing common terminologies, and they have engaged into the usage of Semantic Web a few years ago. We do have a group at W3C doing that:

and this may have references to papers, documents, etc. Eric (cc-d) is the staff contact for that crowd, and he knows these things much better than me, so he might be able to refer to some overall descriptions on the results. (Well, he might not be able to post on this mailing list from the outside, right? If so, I can forward the info.)


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