Hello all,

As with Ivan, I am probably an outlier in this discussion group so I should introduce myself as well. My background is not in Library Science but in Computer Science, primarily (over the last 15 years or so) in computational linguistics and search. In the past I've concentrated on Asian and Middle Eastern languages (I was a cofounder of the Association for Computational Linguistics' Special Interest Group for Chinese Language Processing SIGHAN), but have experience with Germanic languages as well. I have been active in the Unicode community since 1998, again focusing on Asian languages. I'm currently a Principal Engineer at EBSCO Publishing where I'm the lead for our Search Technologies Group.

I joined this forum for a couple of reasons: from a personal level, I'm interested in the complexities of cataloging knowledge, especially archival material and multi-language collections. From a professional level, the choice of technologies librarians use for their catalogs in future has a direct impact on me as a search engine developer. While I do not representing EP in any official capacity, I hope that I can provide some insight into our needs as a consumer, aggregator, and producer of the very valuable information you (and other libraries around the world) provide.

I appreciate your time, and I hope I will be able to offer some valuable insights over the coming months and years.

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Tom Emerson
Principal Software Engineer --- Search
EBSCO Publishing
10 Estes Street
Ipswich, MA 01938, USA
Phone: +1-978-356-6500 x2185
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