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Please excuse any duplication. Recently 15 SLA librarians visited libraries in Cuba to see conditions are like for information professionals there. Susan Fifer Canby, Encore Caucus Convener and former DC/SLA President, wrote about what they found. Here's a sneak peek:

"Faced with an impoverished economy, subjected to rationed electricity, and set in a humid physical environment, with limited technical or exchange opportunities, Cuban libraries face daunting challenges.

Libraries have no library management systems, although the University of Informatics is testing Cohos, an open source LMS, for potential use.  Except for the University of Informatics, which is tasked with building the technical undergirding of the country as well as developing software, libraries have few computers, and these are antiquated and use outdated versions of MS Office.  There are no photocopiers, and library supplies are limited or not available (acid free papers, archival boxes, etc.) . . ."

You can read the full text of Susan's report at:


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