Hi Simon,

I don't know of any experiments using camphor crystals to soften 
audio tape.  The procedure when used with motion picture film is 
somewhat controversial with mixed results being reported.  I can tell 
you that according to reports from those who have used camphor on 
motion picture film that it is not helpful for acetate base film 
suffering from Vinegar Syndrome.  I'm also not sure if camphor has 
been used for motion picture film with a magnetic sound track.  This 
has been discussed on the Association of Moving Image Archivists 
(AMIA) listserv several times over the years. You can research the 
archives here: There's even 
some recent discussion about this (Dec. 2011)

If you have a foot or so of the tape available for experimentation 
you could use two snippets about 6" long and try it yourself. One 
would need to be sealed (air tight) and the other vented and monitor 
the results over time.


Corey Bailey Audio Engineering

At 03:48 PM 12/8/2011, you wrote:
>Dear all,
>I would like to use camphor on a brittle acetate tape to smoothen it 
>and make it playable. I have recently read of this procedure for 
>film and I wondered if it would work in magnetic tapes as well.
>Does anyone have some experiences with this kind of treatment? Are 
>there any published articles concerning this topic? (whether applied 
>to film as to magnetic tape)
>The tape I would like to treat is a Magnethophon Typ C from 1943.
>Every hint is appreciated! If you prefer you may contact me off-list.
>Simon Kunz