I've been following this with great interest and as a byproduct have
wondered about the differences between carefully compensating by angling
(in respect to radius of disc) a cartridge in the headshell on a straight
tone arm vs. a curved tonearm with same cartridge angle. This is assuming
that both tone arms have the same effective length and are of course
radial/pivoting and not tangential arms. I've been digging through the AES
E-library a bit haven't found any article covering this specifically with a
discussion of comparative distortion at select imperfect angles (although
have now read a lot on anti skate design, tone arm weight, rigidity, etc.).

I did come across a quite old article that's pretty interesting though and
close to what I'm looking for:

Carlson, R.E. (1954). Resonance, Tracking, and Distortion: An   Analysis of
Phonograph Pickup Arms. Journal of the Audio Engineering Society. 2(3),

especially pp. 157-158.

I've seen statements by companies saying s bent arms are better but I'd
like to see the documentation/detail.
Any direction to sources would be appreciated along with discussion  here.

Nathan Coy

On Sat, Dec 17, 2011 at 3:18 PM, Graeme Jaye <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> On 17/12/2011 Andrew Hamilton wrote;
> AH> I think Mr. Jaye meant to say "tangential tracking arms."   However,
> the
> AH> tangential trackers do move along the radius of the disc.  (: Better
> AH> maybe to call the straight and S-shaped arms, pivoting.
> Sorry to have confused anyone.
> In my original post, I actually referred to "a radial tracking system"
> - which means, of course, a linear tone arm (and tracks along the
> radius of the disc, as you rightly say) - not a radial tone arm.
> The main thrust of my comment was that Goran Finnberg had actually
> confused the original question (which concerned the differences
> between straight and curved radial tracking arms) with linear trackers
> and went to great lengths to prove that he was right (which he was)
> although not understanding the question.
> Graeme Jaye
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