On 20/12/2011, Richard L. Hess wrote:

> Because it's a mono record?
> On 2011-12-20 10:55 AM, Don Cox wrote:
>> Yes, but why would anyone want to create a mono sum of the signals?
Since I first bought a stereo record player, I have always listened to
mono records in stereo. There never seemed to be any improvement in the
sound when the channels are mixed.

And it is much easier for the brain to disregard surface noise when the
noise is spread across the whole width from speaker to speaker and the
music is located in the centre. 

In principle, mixing the channels should reduce the noise by about one decibel
(the noise in stereo will be 1.414 times the noise in mono), but the
disadvantage of losing spatial separation makes this hardly worth while.

In my opinion.

Don Cox
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