I beg to differ to Roger. In 1982, Carol Oja edited a comprehensive volume
containing just about all of them to that time called, "American music
recordings: a discography of 20th century U.S. composers" that was
published by Brooklyn College. It listed most to all of the little labels
of the 50s-early 60s like Spa, SPAMH, ARS and beyond. It was Carol's first
book, and she has written several other great ones since, but also has gone
into a different direction from discography.

I've obtained verbal permission from Carol to update this work a few years
ago. Its format, based on catalog card entries, is a little unwieldy and it
does not include non-commercial recordings, and we have a lot of
information available now in regard to that area which wasn't so in 1982.
Also it is organized in a composer based hierarchy which is not as useful
as a hierarchy that can be visited from multiple angles, i.e. labels, works
as a separate entity from the composers, genres, historical periods etc. My
feeling is that the document would be more useful and cost effective to do
as an online database rather than as another book; Carol's book -- good as
it was -- was already outdated very shortly after it was printed, and that
may be why it hasn't been used or even noticed very often.

This could be something that ARSC could undertake as a project, and the
question has gone out as to how to use the ARSC site more purposefully and
effectively. I thought about suggesting it before, but I have an awful lot
on my plate at present. Nevertheless I would be happy to entertain
suggestions as to how -- or whether -- to go forward with such an idea.

David "Uncle Dave" Lewis
Lebanon, OH

On Sun, Dec 25, 2011 at 2:42 PM, Roger Kulp <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> There are a lot of those labels from the 50s,60s,and 70s,of new American
> composers.I discover new ones all the time.Most are so small nobody
> bothered to compile such a list.
> I only have one of  Krueger's RCA Victor records,and am not sure what all
> of them are.
> Roger
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> Sent: Friday, December 23, 2011 6:39 PM
> Subject: [ARSCLIST] Karl Krueger - Music in America
> Krueger made a number of recordings with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra on
> RCA in the 1940's.
> In the 1960's he formed a label to record music of American composers.
> IS there a complete listing of the (Lp) recordings issued by Karl Krueger's
> In America label?
> A number of these recordings have been reissued by the LIBRARY OF CONGRESS
> in their
> OUR MUSICAL PAST series of CD's
> Are there any releases in this (OMP) series above 107 ???
> Additionally, BRIDGE RECORDS issued a 3-CD box, and 3 single CD's of
> KRUEGER's recordings.
> Were these reissues of the Library of Congress series, or additions to it?
> Happy Hanukah/Christmas/New Year!  Thomas.