You know, now that I look at this, I have the T92 or T93 model, which is priced lower but seems to 
have the same functionality with slightly different control layout. All my comments about the 
Technics rubber mat and KAB clamp should apply to this one too. My guess is that this one might have 
a higher torque motor or something, but the T92/93 has plenty of torque and speed consistency. They 
may have also amped up the tonearm on the 150 to make it a Technics clone instead of a Technics 

-- Tom Fine

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One has a curved tonearm; the other has a straight tonearm.

I own one of these that's a few years old and like it a great deal -
it's built like a tank.  It's very quiet and responsive.

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> So what is the dif between the S.150 and the STR8.150? Did I miss the
> explanation somewhere?
> joe salerno
> On 12/14/2011 9:10 AM, Martin Fisher wrote:
>> Has anyone had experience or read a REAL review on this TT? I've already
>> got a KAB modified Technics 1200 with a few additions but am interested in
>> this as a backup and special project TT. I'm mainly interested in the
>> transport. If needed, all the USB crap can be bypassed and/or defeated.
>> That's the least of the issues though. Key transport features that make it
>> appealing to me are the following:
>> World's Strongest Torque Motor (4.5 Kgf-cm)
>> 3 speeds [33,45,78]
>> Selectable pitch control [+/-8%,+/-25%,+/-50%]
>> I'd like to know how quiet (electrically and mechanically) the thing is
>> and just how rock solid the platter rotation is when encountering
>> resistance.
>> Martin
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> Joe Salerno