I'm happy to report that Rochester's Bop Shop has secured space in a very
nice location, about two miles from its present locale, on a major
thoroughfare in an affluent neighborhood. Street level, easy access. It's
about 1/3 larger than the present store. Owner Tom Kohn is hoping to start
moving some fixtures and non-essentials next week, but as it's the vital
Christmas retail season, there is so much regular business to do that
managing the transition is nearly overwhelming.

Meanwhile, records are coming in the door almost as fast as they go out -
fantastic stuff that can't be passed up. Even after all these years of two
large stores buying vinyl in this area, there appears to be no end to the
treasures to be found. I spent a few hours at the store yesterday helping to
organize the back room. While the Web site catalog is well tended, the floor
murch overstock has been overtaken by too many albums and too little time to
keep them filed. I re-shelved A through N of the Pop/Rock inventory and
filed a ton. Let me tell you - today I'm resting!

A move like this can be a great opportunity to start fresh in many ways. But
right now, all the challenges are just bewildering. There will be a big
fundraising event, with bands and DJs. We're hoping to find enough volunteer
labor (with trucks and vans!) and depending on enough business in the next
couple weeks to help defray the thousand and one expenses of settling a new

There is a sidewalk sale Dec 17th, where a lot of that overstock will be
priced to sell. If you can't visit Rochester until May, go to, and buy-baby-buy! There will be a bigger, better Bop Shop
to greet you this spring.

Former B-S clerk,


(Hope my commercial appeal doesn't violate any list rules.)

Carl Pultz
Alembic Productions
Rochester, NY

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Leah and I went to this store last month when we were in Rochester for
the ARSC board meeting.  In fact, I was there twice.  They had recently
purchased a large college library's record collection and was still
sorting it.  I got a lot of nice things from the buck stuff in the
hallway and 3 for $5 from the college library stuff.  At least $100 of
stuff (and a similar amount at the Record Archive) and had only begun to
search.  There is a lot of empty space in that rambling building, but
that second entrance in the courtyard is far more convenient (I didn't
know about it the first time and spend ten minutes trying to find it
from inside the building.  The signs inside the building are LOUSY.) 
I'd hate to see it go, but what could he do with that HUGE stock in
there except open another store???  It's gotta be moved SOMEWHERE.

Keep ARSC notified since the convention is there in May.

Mike Biel  [log in to unmask]    

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I always wanted to visit that store. Is real estate so in demand in
Rochester that the owner could not find a suitable
spot elsewhere in town? Perhaps even cheaper in today's wildly depressed
real estate market. Or is he just too bushed to move the whole operation
and start again Tom?
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> The Bop Shop is an awesome record store, I've never gone out of there
empty-handed. Terrible if it closes up. One of my favorite browsing sites
for spoken-word and un-categorized records, plus the dollar rack out in the
hall has been the source of numerous good-condition sleeves and a few
playable records. I've also had very fair trading with Tom Kohn, swapping
some valuable LPs for fair price worth of Bop Shop merchandise.
> Record Archive, a couple miles away, probably has more selection, but I
find it easier to browse in the Bop Shop and their merchandise requires less
scrutiny before buying. If a record is priced $10 at the Bop Shop, it's in
good shape and will sound fine.