This article was in the Metro section last Sunday:

Check out this from the slide show:

The store sounds more trendy than where a collector would flourish, but nice to see used vinyl being 
associated with hipster kids.

We've had some discussion on the Ampex List about this vinyl niche among young consumers. I think, 
based on anecdotal evidence only, that there is a now a sustainable niche market among kids (teens 
and 20's) where they want to buy new releases from their favorite current artists on vinyl with a 
download code, so they can also listen in their iPod. They have no interest in a CD. They have the 
vinyl for the cool factor and the artifact, and they probably listen to the music most commonly on 
their iPod, but do drop the needle when listening with friends. We're also noticing some new Ampex 
List members well below the typical age of a tape machine owner. This, too, seems to be a trend.

-- Tom Fine