Ted Kendall:

> I'm sorry, but what rubbish!
> Wow and flutter is a function of the turntable.
> Warp wow depends on the height of the horizontal
> pivot, not the arm shape.

What Rubbish!

-Tonearm Geometry and Frequency-Modulation Distortion- and Discussion

Investigated are the mechanisms by which a tonearm and cartridge system can
generate frequency-modulation distortion during playback of phonograph
records. Tonearm geometry is shown to influence the relative amount of
distortion, and, in particular, tangential tracking designs are shown to be
inherently less susceptible to horizontal mode distortion than conventional
offset designs.

Authors: Kilmanas, Raymond; Rabinow, J.
JAES Volume 30 Issue 9 pp. 574-579; September 1982

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