Ted Kendall:

> The requirement for
> bias correction arises from the necessary offset of the pickup to
> minimise tracking error. Whether this takes place in the arm or the
> headshell is immaterial.

Any bias correction in a pivoted arm is a compromise.

Depending on the actual drag on the tip this changes with the linear vinyl
speed at the tip.

But also depending on the actual record modulation.

And also how the cartridge is damped. Rubber damping shows the highest loss
thus the drag on these pickups can show several 100 percent increase in drag
with modulation level.

While the DECCA series of cartridges having very little internal damping
shows near zero increase in drag with modulation index.

So a pivoted arm cannot have correct skating applied but a modicum of
correction can be applied but will most of the time be incorrect but
certainly better than nothing.

The straight tangential line tracking tone arm removes all the above
problems independent of cartridge used.

May I also add that I see about a 100 percent failure of the end user to
understand the need for anti skating and a about the same understanding on
how to adjust the mechanism that applies the anti skating force.

This user problem is gone in the straight line tangential tracker for sure.

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Goran Finnberg
The Mastering Room AB

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