There is about a 90% chance I'll have about fifteen precision 
instrumentation tape reels available within the next few months. I did a 
transfer project. The client has checked the digitization and does not 
want to store or take the degrading tape back. I will dump the tape 
(probably) and ship reels in cans. I will keep a few. If this goes as 
expected, I'll probably have about 15 reels available for sale.

These are precision reels for one-inch tape with NAB hubs and 14" 
diameter flanges. The hubs appear all to be metal. There are a variety 
of flange patterns from very tiny windows near the hub only to more 
conventional patterns.

Please let me know of your interest. We'll decide on a price later and 
you pay shipping. BUT first come first served in response to this 

Merry Christmas to all!



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