On 2011-12-21 11:57 AM, Goran Finnberg wrote:
> Those that dreams about using L or R only listening intently for the lowest
> noise and distortion can keep on dreaming while I just sum to mono as this
> ALWAYS produces the best result.
Hi, Goran,

I know that you are talking about discs here (grooved media) and that is 
fine. I also know that you know (or have your own version of) the following.

I would like to note for the casual reader that this does not always 
apply for tape. The basic equations (i.e. theoretical equations) work 
the same way, but tolerances and misalignments make the final decision 
far more complex, especially with slower speeds and narrower tracks 
(e.g. cassettes, especially).

Often, better results can be had with a full-track mono head on 
full-track material than with an NAB or DIN stereo head. In some 
instances (especially at slower speeds) a narrower head may provide 
better results on a full track tape if the tape is badly slit or warped.



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