Hello Tom,

I shall check them out.

Thank you.


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Hi Benjamin:

Bud and Middle Atlantic make racks that work with an AG-440. If you want to use it table-top, the 3-foot "pony rack" will work just fine. If  it's a little front-heavy (shouldn't be because weight of motors keep it centered), just bolt it to a board and put some deadweight behind it. Otherwise, there are many rolling rack options out there. Sometimes, Ampex rolling consoles show up on eBay.

-- Tom Fine

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Subject: [ARSCLIST] Where can I buy a rack for an Ampex AG440?

Greetings All

I couple years ago I purchased a used [but in great shape] Ampex AG440, but until now, haven't had 
the chance to use it.
I started using it yester, but I have it standing "naked" on a desk and I need to find a rack for 
it, preferable on wheels.

Is anyone getting rid of one, or does anyone know where I can purchase one?

Thank you.
Benjamin Roth