This isn't new, but it's interesting:

"The stakes are also high from a preservationist standpoint. If collectors
weren’t tracking these records, the songs might be lost entirely"

"Mr. Tefteller, 50, is one of the world’s most prolific collectors of
Paramount blues. Because these 78s are so scarce — of the thousands
presumably pressed, many were lost, broken or melted down, and of the 1,356
titles said to have been issued in the 12000-13000 series, roughly
one-third or more are of other genres — his collection (500 to 600, he
said) is staggering in its comprehension. As Mr. Heneghan said in an e-mail
message, Mr. Tefteller pursues complete runs of every Paramount blues
artist he considers important. “This makes him completely insane, which
alone would make me like him even if he weren’t such a nice guy,” Mr.
Heneghan said."

"Mr. Tefteller has a standing offer of $25,000 for either of the other two
[missing Willie Brown] records."  What other collecting category has
collectors with this much passion?

 Where can I peruse the Paramount 12000/13000 series recordings besides Max
Vreede's 1971 book?  Surely there are updated lists somewhere.  I would
like to make a set of compilation CDs of Paramount tracks in order of
original issue (or recording date), culled from reissues.

Rob DeLand