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I am interested in hearing from any archives with oral history collections, regarding what fees they charge patrons for copies of oral history recordings.  Do you charge anything, and if so, how much?  What formats do you provide to your customers (cassette, CD, digital file)?  Also, when providing copies of oral history recordings, what sort of copyright or other rights forms do you require patrons to sign? 

I've done some googling to get the lay of the land, but I wanted to hear from some folks on the list as well.  UCLA, for example, charges $68/hour of recording, a price that would probably deter most of our patrons.  We don't want to make the pricing prohibitive - not like it will cover our costs anyway - but we want to charge some sort of nominal fee.  

Things have been rather informal up until now, and we have just dubbed off cassette copies whenever we got a request.  It is more problematic if the recording hasn't been digitized and the patron wants a CD or a file, which most of them expect now.  I was considering a two-tiered price structure, with a higher fee for the recordings I have to digitize.  I'm curious how other archives handle these requests and if there is any sort of standard answer.  

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John Schooley
Austin History Center
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