Perhaps inquiries to the BBC and ABC themselves might help. I know that Warren Fahey has contacts with the ABC re: putting ABC folk song material from their archives onto his website - try emailing him at [log in to unmask] <>

Also too you could email the British Library Sound Archives <> which holds an amount of BBC material. Search the catalogue <> for "Wilfrid Thomas" - it seems that there is some material there.

Good luck

Chris B.

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> From: Graham McDonald <[log in to unmask]>
> Subject: [ARSCLIST] Slightly but not totally off topic -  Wilfrid Thomas
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> Date: Thursday, 22 December, 2011, 3:26
> Some of you may know of Wilfrid
> Thomas, a British/Australian  broadcaster 
> and sometimes singer who had regular programs on the BBC
> and the ABC from 
> 1940 through to 1980. The NFSA has his tape collection of
> current affairs 
> reporting from all over. I am trying to track down who may
> now own the 
> copyright on his material we have here, and trying to find
> out if he had 
> any children or other close family. He died in 1991 and an
> obituary was 
> published in The Times in London on 23 August that year. As
> far as I can 
> tell this should be available online, but we don't have any
> access to it 
> and I have spent the morning trying to find a library
> around the country 
> who does, but with no success. Any any of our ARSC
> collegues can access 
> The Times from 1991 and find this obit I would be very
> grateful. I will 
> make no comment about Rubert Murdoch and his paywall.
> Thanks
> graham
> Graham McDonald
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