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Subject: [ARSCLIST] United Archives label
From: Peter Hirsch <[log in to unmask]>
Date: Fri, December 23, 2011 9:56 pm
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Does anyone have any knowledge of any releases on the United Archives
label? It appears to be one or those (possibly shady legally speaking,
like Fresh Air) European operations that release old jazz recordings
in budget format, but I can't dig up the content of anything that they
have issued.

I recently seen the following listed at about $4 a disc, but I can't
locate any listing of the tracks and I am more than a little dubious
about the quality of the originals and transfers:

Miles Davis: Live Recordings, 1948-1957'. (Also featuring John
Coltrane, Sonny Rollins, Red Garland, Tommy Flanagan, Philly Joe
Jones, Art Taylor et al. Various concerts and radio broadcasts. Venues
include Royal Roost, Pershing Ballroom, Salle Pleyel, Carnegie Hall,
The Barrelhouse Club, Birdland, Hi-Hat Club, Newport Jazz Festival,
and Cafe Bohemia)

Dizzy Gillespie: Complete Big Band Studio Sessions, 1946-1960'. (Also
featuring John Coltrane and Quincy Jones)

Ellington, Duke: 'The Complete Orchestral Suites'. (Composer
conducting. Rec. 1931-60)

I hope this is not too discographic and non-technical for the scope of
this list, but I'm sure someone here can enlighten me.

Thanks in advance,

Peter Hirsch

Peter --
Quite the contrary, unless what you are meaning is you think this is too
discographical a question for the list, your info is really not
discographical enough if you have more info than this.  Ypu should
always give all the identifying discographical info you already have
about a record you are asking about to help us identify it and not go
hunting up info you already have.  

This seems to be a fairly new operation issuing both classical and jazz
box sets.  There are four classical box sets linked at but I see several
other Schubert, Shoenberg and Koussevitzky boxes from a few years
earlier at

 The nine jazz sets can be linked at

I also have a listing for the Miles Davis set NUA 08 and Oscar Peterson
set NUA 04 at

They show an Oct 3 2011 release date, so info seems to only be starting
to come available.  The dates and locations are show for the Davis
recordings, and the composers for the Songbooks in the Peterson box.  No
song titles, but that would be secondary info -- I MUCH rather have the
dates and locations than just song titles for performers who had
performed or recorded each song title perhaps dozens of times! 

There is a discussion of some of the sets in this list

This is a listing of the Davis set

Mike Biel  [log in to unmask]