Hi Folks,

We've been trying to set up our EAD finding aids so that they can easily 
map to Dublin Core for the sake of our digital projects.  We've been 
able to map collection-level elements with no problem, but I'm having 
some issues at the item level.  The materials in this case are digitized 
oral history interviews. 

For mapping purposes, I need to somehow indicate the creator at the item 
level.  It appears that it is valid to include <origination 
label="Creator"> in the <did>.  Is anybody actually doing this?  If not, 
do you have another solution?  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  
Currently the creator of each item is just part of the <unittitle> and 
not tagged in any additional way.

Thank you,


Jaime L. Margalotti
Senior Assistant Librarian
Special Collections Department University of Delaware Library
Newark, DE  19717-5267
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