This is really big news.  Congratulations are due first and foremost. 

A couple of initial questions:

Is this using Solr 1.4 or 3.x?
After a cursory look at the documentation for the DSC, the examples have a 
title that also includes the date values, etc.  Is there a way to add 
additional elements at the dsc/c levels, such as unitdate, scopecontent, 
I see that the Archer site is using Google Analytics.  Have you thought 
about integrating the Google Analytics API into EADitor so that a stats page 
could be available to both staff and public?  I'm not sure how feasible this 
would be with all of the steps involved, but I imagine that it should be 
possible with the Google Analytics Core Reporting API, Version 3.0

Including the integration with Flickr, Geonames, LCSH and everything else is 
really slick.  If there's not already an annual EAD award, one should be 
created just for this project.  It's really that cool.

Thanks for sharing it,


On Tue, 6 Dec 2011 15:54:41 -0500, Ethan Gruber <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>EADitor is a free, open-source cross-platform XForms framework for
>creating, editing, and publishing Encoded Archival Description (EAD)
>finding aids using Orbeon, an enterprise-level XForms Java application,
>which runs in Apache Tomcat.  I have released the latest stable code in
>downloadable packages on our Google Code site (
>  This release is a major
>advancement over the June 2011 release, especially in terms of performance
>and stability.  I call EADitor a beta because there is much I have left to
>improve, but this is the first production-ready release, an example of
>which is the American Numismatic Society Archives site,
>Features in a nutshell:
>   - Public interface with faceted search results and facet-based
>   OpenLayers mapping
>   - Linked data and geographic services: OAI-PMH feed, Solr-based Atom
>   feed (embedded with geographic points) and search results in the form of 
>   - Geonames, LCSH, VIAF APIs for geographic, subject term, personal, and
>   corporate name controlled vocabulary
>   - Upload finding aids from the "wild" (if they adhere to EAD 2002).
>   - Interface for reordering and setting permissions of components
>   - Flickr API integration, attach flickr images as a daogrp
>   - Simple template controls for EAD finding aids
>   - Introduction of simple themes: select facet orientation on search page
>   and from a selection of jQuery UI themes (theme controls will be 
>   over time)
>One of the most important recent advancements in the project is the
>introduction of our documentation wiki (
>  Documentation is an ongoing
>process, but the wiki contains enough information to get you started with
>installation and use.
>Google Group:
>SAA 2010 slideshow:
>code4lib article (XForms for Libraries, an Introduction):
>Feedback is welcome!
>Ethan Gruber
>American Numismatic Society