We also extend the rights basis to include


-- Harvard policy (including published policies on terms of embargo for various kinds of records, for example). This could become "institutional policy" or "policy" if those terms were added to the PREMIS list, but it would probably still be valuable to us internally to specify which institution.


-- Risk assessment. The intent of this basis is to permit restrictions to be expressed based on curator's judgment in the absence of explicit copyright, license, statute or policy references.


We use the license rights basis broadly to cover all manner of contractual agreements, including those between the donor and the institution. Outside of PREMIS, we do add a "donor agreement" role to any linked "license" for such agreements.


 Robin Wendler

Harvard University Library


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Subject: Re: [PIG] Other controlled vocabularies for rightsBasis

I have 2 comments about this.

1. The PREMIS Editorial Committee is working on some changes to rights to be able to include rights statements in addition to copyright, license and statute under a new container called otherRightsInformation. A draft of those changes will be made available next week for the PIG to review.

1. I am doing some work to put additional controlled vocabularies from PREMIS into the id.loc.gov system. This will be helpful if there is general agreement that these additional terms are useful and should be included. If there are others that people are using please let me know.


Rebecca  S. Guenther

On Dec 8, 2011, at 5:42 PM, Peter Van Garderen wrote:

Hi Mark,

We added support for PREMIS rights records in ICA-AtoM 1.2 (released last week). After some analysis (and normalization of existing restrictions from current users), we decided to add two terms to the default terms in the rights statement bases controlled vocabulary:

1) Copyright
2) License
3) Statute


4) Policy (institution-specific policies, e.g. no public access to images containing child nudity)

5) Donor (i.e. specific restrictions/permissions placed on the resources by the donor)




On 11-12-08 01:04 PM, Mark A. Matienzo wrote:
We are looking at identifying terms or controlled vocabularies for
rights statement bases. In particular, we're looking to find examples
of rights statements expressed in PREMIS that relate to permissions or
restrictions based on institutional policy. Most examples I've seen in
the wild thus far only use one of the three suggested values included
in the PREMIS Data Dictionary.

Mark A. Matienzo
Technical Architect, ArchivesSpace

Peter Van Garderen
President/Systems Archivist
Artefactual Systems Inc.