Dear Collective Wisdom:

We have a researcher here that would like to know the date of a Quality
Records recording called "Ukrainian Male Chorus Singing Christmas Songs,"
conducted by Walter Bohonas, recorded in Winnipeg. This is different than
the other Quality Records I have seen, in that this one is not an issue of
another label (commonly MGM or Polydor). The issue numbers are 503-B Q-1,
504-B Q-1 etc. for the whole set.

The records also indicate they are pressed on Metrolite, which gives me
some sense of when they were recorded.

I have looked in all the usual places, but can't find a discography for
this label, or any reference to this recording.

Does anyone know much about this label, or have suggestions of where to
look for more information?


*Sean Luyk, B.Mus, MA, MLIS
*Public Services Librarian, Music Library
University of Alberta
2-110 Rutherford North
Edmonton, Alberta  T6G 2J4