On 31/01/2012, Richard L. Hess wrote:

> Hello, Louis,
> These are certainly perceptive comments and I know only two people who
> currently admit to sitting down with a good stereo system and
> listening to music. Not surprisingly, one is the music director at our
> church, and the other is my recording mentor and good friend, Don
> Ososke. I remember when I first visited Don at his home, I came with a
> CD case and we spent most of the night playing music for each other,
> although we sometimes would not finish a track as our brains spiked on
> something in that track that led us to another...and another...and
> another. Sadly, although it's probably good for my health--I need my
> sleep--Don and I have never lived geographically close to each other
> <smile>.
There must be some people listening, because the hi-fi magazines are fat
and healthy, even in the middle of a long recession.

I certainly listen.

> What I think I notice, however, about the younger generation is that
> they appear to need visual stimulation in order to fully enjoy the
> experience. If they don't have something to watch as well as listen,
> it appears that they do not enjoy it as much.
I think this may account for the great popularity of opera and ballet in
the 19C, and musical films in the mid 20C.

> I think we may be seeing a parallel to this change in audio
> consumption in still imaging consumption, however since George Eastman
> created his cash cow (which apparently has or will soon receive some
> flavour of bankruptcy protection), photography has been more about the
> individual capturing the image than sound/music ever was, despite
> bootleg concert taping.
> i- and Android phones seem to be changing and mixing up this space yet
> again.
> Cheers,
> Richard
> On 2012-01-31 8:31 AM, Louis Hone wrote:
>> I'm a SACD owner and I love the format, especially the multi-channel
>> mixes. I love to remove all the channels except the center one and
>> listen to the singer. Elton John, Billy Joel and Karen Carpenter are
>> favorites. It's like you are in the control room while they are doing
>> their vocal tracks, and you are soloing their mic. You almost hear
>> their heartbeats. I think one of the problems with SACD, is that you
>> have to sit in the sweet spot and do nothing else but allow the music
>> to engulf you. I remember as a teenager, when a good album would come
>> out, we would sit down and listen to it. Just listen - nothing else.
>> Think back to Sgt Pepper. Nowadays, few people have the luxury of
>> taking the time to sit down and do nothing else but listen. We listen
>> to music in our cars while driving, in our homes while preparing
>> supper, on our Walkman while walking, jogging, reading, riding the
>> subway, etc. but we rarely have the time to sit down and focus on the
>> music being played, on the recording itself. And apart from easy file
>> downloads and exchange, the MP3 format has become a background music
>> generator while we do other things. Q sound was also a format the
>> demanded that you sit motionless in the exact sweet spot to enjoy the
>> 3D effect. No wonder it never caught on. Time is a luxury today and
>> not too many people want to "waste" it listening to music only. Our
>> world has changed, unfortunately. We have become multitask human
>> beings with not enough hours in a day to do it all.
>> Louis
Don Cox
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