Richard Hess writes:

> I have six Dragons that I use in my tape digitization practice.
> They are great, but I wish at times I could do manual azimuth adjustment.
> Someday I will try out a mod I designed and see how well it works to add
> azimuth readout and a manual adjustment OPTION to a Dragon.

Hello Richard,

You are describing the Model 1690 Azimuth Meter, built by the
Recording Research Technology department at the CBS Technology Center
in Stamford. That was in 1984, in response to an industry-wide need to
quantify azimuth error in the Philips Compact Cassette. (I sat in
working group meetings where this device was first described.)

The Model 1690 was, in fact, a Nakamichi Dragon cassette deck, with an
added meter and switching circuit fitted in an outboard case. The
meter displayed azimuth error over a range of plus or minus 25 minutes
of arc. There was a switch position labeled Manual that let you do
repro head azimuth adjustment manually.

> It is a big mod to the logic board

Actually, it was not that big a mod. (Surprisingly.) If you care to
send me your design, I could compare it to the circuit developed for
the 1690.

Fred Thal
Grass Valley, California