I just found a set of the first 10 Ginn discs, with the carrying case in  
which they were sold still intact! I'll be auctioning this and many classical 
 78s in a mail-order list this coming spring. Anyone interested in a copy 
should  send snail-mail address to me at [log in to unmask] 
(mailto:[log in to unmask]) .
Rich Kaplan
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The  other day I brought up the recordings of the New York Philharmonic for 
the  Ginn and Company.The extent of my knowledge  of these records comes 
from  James North's 2006 New York Philharmonic discography.Appendix D in  
particular.I have been monitoring Amazon for a while,and I recently purchased  
the only inexpensive copy I have seen pop up.I am still waiting for it.Parts  
of this are up on Google Books.The page in question can be found by Doing a 
 Google Book search for "new york philharmonic" ginn "henry hadley"  

Mr.North states

"The records are rare today,partial  collections exist at the New York 
Philharmonic Archives,at The Yale Collection  of Historical Sound Recordings,at 
Yale University's Gilmore Library,and at The  Library of Congress."

Mr.North then goes on to explain the differences  in the performances,sound 
quality,and works between the Gennet and Columbia  recordings,the matrix 
numbers,and differences in speed,as well as descriptions  of the program 
notes.lesson plans,and instructions for the teacher.Mr.North  states there was a 
1932 blue shellac pressing,which may be the rarest ones of  all.

In this Appendix,he asks for further information about these  records.

If someone here has a complete set,and especially the  accompanying 
paperwork,the institutions above would be very interested in  hearing from you.I 
would suggest you make a list of what you have,and offer to  donate the ones 
to Yale,LoC,or NYPO that they do not have.

In the event  you have any left,I will GLADLY take them off your hands.

I have  a  large historical classical collection,somewhere between 5-10000  
Lps,78s,and 45s.In nearly 25 years of scouring thrift stores,flea 
markets,yard  sales,dealer auction lists,and eBay.I have found a total of one of 
these  records.G52,with the Goldmark and the Liszt.I have seen one dealer action 
list  that had two Ginn records a few years ago,I was outbid,and do not 
know what  they went for.

I would be curious how many of these Don Tait has  found.

Recordings for schools,are one of the least examined,and least  known 
areas,of classical record collecting,especially those that contain  unique 
recordings.I have only found two that fit this bill.One is a set,of 10"  78s,on 
RCA Victor,from1946,according to the school date stamp,it may be  earlier,of 
instruments of the orchestra,with Malcolm Sargeant.Obviously done  for HMV.I 
ought to pull it out to see if it credits an orchestra.It's on a  yellow 
label.The other is a box set,from 1963,also on RCA,by Howard  Mitchell,and The 
National Symphony Orchestra,of assorted excerpts and shorter  works.It 
appears to have done for about a 5th,or 6th grade level,and the box  has a boy 
and a girl,listening to various 1959-61 Red Seal albums,in mono.My  set is 
mono,too.Stereo copies exist,but I have yet to see one.The records are  aon the 
black RCA popular  label.