Hi, Louis,

Your wishes are the same as the rest of us...but I'm afraid you'll have 
to hold your nose and go out to the outboard Dolby A unit and then back 
into digital.

I wish I were wrong, but Dolby has been pretty insistent that they don't 
want to do this.


On 2012-01-10 3:14 PM, Louis Hone wrote:
> Greetings
> A client brought me a WAV file which is a direct transfer from a quarter
> inch tape (1980). The tape had a full set of tones (15 K, 10 K, 1K, 100,
> 50, and Dolby A warble tone) and these tones are in the WAV file. The
> original tape was Dolby A encoded and the WAV file has not been decoded. I
> know that whoever did the transfer, adjusted the azimuth, as well as high
> and low frequency EQ prior to the transfer. However, no Dolby A unit was
> available so the tape remains encoded. My question: is there a Dolby A
> plugin that can be used in ProTools ? I wish to avoid going back to the
> analog domain (and through a Dolby A unit) and back to digital in order to
> decode this file.
> Thanks
> Louis Hone

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