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From Tom Fine: "...As I understand it (and I may well understand it
incorrectly), there is only one SACD production line left, at a Sony plant
in Japan. Somebody reported, maybe on this list, that Sony took out SACD
manufacturing capability from Indiana a couple of years ago."

I can't imagine they don't still have the manufacturing capability since the
same equipment could easily manufacture DVDs. They may have simply stopped
offering hybrid SACD replication for logistical reasons.

I was following the development of SACD very closely because some financial
backers wanted me to build a mastering facility in San Francisco. Hybrid
SACD came far closer to replacing the CD for new releases than most people
realize. BMG and Universal were completely on board with Sony for all new
full-price titles. The only hang-up was a delay in building enough hybrid
manufacturing capacity to allow the turn-around times required to support
several large pop hits at the same time.  

Before that could come together, Napster pulled the rug from under further
investments. SACD was a huge threat to the personal computer industry's
financial pipe-dream of entertainment "convergence" and may well have
factored into their eagerness to give Napster the multi-million dollar legal
defense that completely blind-sided and brought down the recording industry

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