Hi, Gregorio,

I do not think that this unit will be sensitive enough.

There are several variables to be considered:

Speed of "development"
Ease of use (viewer wins over spray)
Storage (humidors get mildew-y after a while)

My favourite viewer, the Sigma, is slow to develop, but is the most 
sensitive viewer I have ever used. It will show tapes I've never seen 
developed before, but it may take literally minutes to come up on weak 

This tag in my blog links to the relevant posts about viewers...they 
don't appear in good order, however.

The major post is the one with the picture, though the accessories one 
is useful, too.

One post that is not tagged that really shows the worth of the viewer is 

I believe that Fred Thal of ATAE in California has some of these in 
North America.
afthal (at)  gmail  (dot)   com

On 2012-01-31 2:39 PM, Gregorio Garcia Karman wrote:
>> He reviews the Arnold viewer and the Kyread spray. Somewhere else, he talks about a credit card size brand that he likes alot. Perhaps Richard can elaborate on this post.
> Perhaps something like this?
> G

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