I'd check first at the Southern Folklife Center in Durham, NC.  Also see
what's at Middle Tennessee.  

There's an almost complete run at the Eldridge Johnson Museum in Dover, DE
thru 1930, including many of the South American editions in Spanish-
sometimes they have different content. .  The Library of Congress has many
issues as well.   I think Syracuse has a group also.  Dunno what Santa
Barbara has but I bet they're pretty well fixed as well.

Check with Kip Lornell who wrote an article for the ARSC Journal on the
Bristol sessions.

Steve Smolian

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Hey Guys,  

If anyone can help Barry I'm sure he'd be most grateful.  Reply directly to
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Hello again, and happy new year.

I'm plugging away on my biography of Ralph Peer, and, for that, I'm looking
for back issues of the Victor Talking Machine/RCA Victor monthly magazine
for its dealers "VOice of the Victor"--especially from the 1926-1935 period.
I don't know wether these were ever microfilmed, but in any case, I'm
wondering whether your archives there includes any version of these monthly
pubs, form that period.

thanks for any info.

Barry Mazor