I don't know what a laboratory supply house would be able to do for you. 
I've bought some hexane that way and since it was a listed chemical, 
shipping was as much as the litre...ran me $100 or so to get it here.

However, my solvent of choice is naphtha. I currently purchase it as 
"Ronsonol" brand lighter fluid, but Ronson has been bought out by Zippo 
and in talking to the folks at the Zippo "shrine" in Pennsylvania last 
summer, they think they will substitute Zippo fuel for Ronsonol, but did 
not have a timetable.

It turns out at that naphtha 
is a combination of various short-chain hydrocarbon molecules, so hexane 
should be similar (I have not run extensive tests) as it is one of the 
components of naphtha.

If you wish to read the article at Wikipedia today, turn JavaScript off 
in your browse after contacting your representative if you are in the USA.

IPA is no where near as effective as naphtha (or hexane) for removing 
the gunk buildup from sticky shed tapes.

HOWEVER, please note that ALL of these substances are highly flammable 
(including IPA) and many/most/all may be hazardous to your health. 
Please read the MSDS prior to any application.

What works for me may not work for you and may not be in compliance with 
local laws.

Good luck!



On 2012-01-18 10:51 AM, Gregorio Garcia Karman wrote:
>> Hi Gregorio
>> I have been using IPA for 33 years without a problem. You can get it at any drug store.
> Thanks to all responses, 99% Isopropanol seems the way most of you have used successfully.
> Unfortunately it is not so easy to get a hold on ISA here. I have been asking around all pharmacies, chemists etc. in Cambridge with the same answer: its a restricted substance which cannot be sold without a license... Does anyone in the UK have a tip to where to get a hold on, lets say a 100ml flask?
> Cheers
>> On 17/01/12 17:24, Gregorio Garcia Karman wrote:
>>> Dear list.
>>> I need some advice on cleaning the heads of two Studer A67 and B67 machines. The recommendations I have received from two different professionals are:
>>> - Isopropilic alcohol 99 %
>>> - A mix of 89 % xylene, 11% Tricholoethane.
>>> I have found some denaturalized alcohol from a colleague from the conservation department of a museum nextdoor or 80% isopropilic alcohol from Maplin. The easiest would be to stick to one of the latter, but I am looking for the professional solution and don't want to make compromises. Moreover, a number of tapes in the collection are dirty and I suspect that a number of them will be shedding, so I expect to be doing a lot of cleaning.
>>> Apologies if is has been asked before, but I did some searching but could not find a response in the archives.
>>> Huge thanks and cheers
>>> Gregorio Garcia Karman
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