Lil' Kim too


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Has anyone mentioned Vivian Carter? 


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...and Lillian McMurry (Trumpet Records).


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> I hope that this covert crowdsourcing exercise will provide a starting point for compiling a list of prominent women in the Music Business (primarily label owners, producers and engineers) that might offer some game writer in the (near) future a worthy, interesting and (afaik) rarely mentioned topic:
> 1.Wilma Cozart Fine
> 2.Helen Keane
> 3.Estelle Axton
> 4.Sylvia Robinson
> 5.Barbara Holdridge
> 6Marianne Roney
> 7.Florence Greenberg
> 8.Miriam Bienstock
> 9.Louise B. M. Dyer,
> 10.Jane Friedmann
> 11.Tracey Sterne
> 12.Mary Howard
> 13.Betty Wright
> 14.Sylvia Massy
> 15.Linda Perry
> 16.Trina Shoemaker
> 17.Victoria Spivey
> 18.Genya Ravan
> 19.Imogen Heap
> 20.Joni Mitchell
> 21.Ann and Nancy Wilson
> 22.Sally Browder
> 23. Ani Difranco
> 24. Anjali Dutt
> 25. Cordell Jackson
> 26. Bjork
> AA