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> Yes, Dick. I wondered that too. As we all know here, with the right stylus,
> tracking force and a clean 78 there is
> nothing like that sound -- a little limited in some ways, but present,
> booming and crackling (hopefully!) with electricity.

Second that sound! Twelve or fifteen years ago I wrote a column on that
topic, for an audio magazine yet.


Owing to this generation's rejection of noise on recordings—something of a
joke given modern urban environments—not to mention those ubiquitous cell
phones—none of them [reissues]  convey the muscle and blood of 78s owing to
fierce noise-reduction routines that further etiolate the music. So from
this tainted evidence you have drawn some very weird, fallacious
conclusions. Well, shame! And *do you ever *have a surprise coming. Because
78s pack a wallop rarely heard otherwise.