Banff is part of the Rodeo family of labels from Canada. The Rodeo
Records Collection was recently acquired by the Beaton Institute of
Cape Breton University in Sydney, N.S. I saw Ian McKinnon's
presentation on the early Celtic music labels during Celtic Colours
International Festival in October. One of the most exciting thing (to
me) are the 78s in the collection from the Celtic label from the
mid-1930s which featured some great Cape Breton fiddlers (Winston
"Scotty" Fitzgerald, Sandy McLean, Angus Chisholm, and Bill Lamey) who
were brought to Montreal to be recorded. I recommend Ian McKinnon's
master's thesis, "Fiddling to Fortune: The Role of Commercial
Recordings Made by Cape Breton Fiddlers in the Fiddle Music Tradition
of Cape Breton Island" (Department of Folklore, Memorial University of
Newfoundland, 1989). It's 630 pages, but most of that is
discographical listings. That's off subject from Banff--sorry. But the
Beaton Institute can probably help you with Banff. You can find out
more about how to contact them and their collections at:

Information about the Rodeo Records Collection at Cape Breton
University's Beaton Institute:

Hope that helps!

Thomas Pease
Library of Congress
Packard Campus for Audiovisual Conservation

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> here are two links with mucho info on RYM for you Thomas
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>> can anyone supply some background information on the following labels:
>> BANF  (Rodeo Records Ltd.  distributed by LONDON Canada)
>> CAMBRIDGE (Monarch Musical Industries. Ltd.)
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