I can't cite numbers, but I've been told that more SACD's were released in 2011 than in any previous year, so I think the format has at least found a niche. Quite a few classical SACD's come out of Europe, though they may not actually be manufactured there. The BIS label of Sweden has released quite a few very good ones.

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Gray, Mike wrote:
> SACD is still alive in Japan - cf. Exton (really a vanity label, but 
> still releasing every month) and EMI-Japan's 50 SACD's from their deep 
> analog catalog.
> Mike Gray

EMI Japan has another 50 SACD titles due out by March.  Universal Japan is issuing single layer SACDs and Esoteric/Teac is issuing some EMI and Universal licensed materials on SACD. EMI also has bunch of Furtwangler & Casals mono SACDs issued.

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